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Back in 2007 we travelled back to England for our daughter, Lauras', wedding in Norwich.  Because we needed somewhere to stay that was convenient and big enough for other family members to get together from all over the world, we decided on the Broadland Holiday Village in Oulton Broad.  Over the years we have kept in touch with the Westobies and arranged to meet Clive for a pint or several, and got to talking about old times and old customers and friends.  This resulted in a quickly arranged get together, which resulted in an amazing turnout of ageing faces from the past turning up to chew the fat.

The "do you remember?" conversations were many and several people got to talking of the old photographs they had of various people and events from way back, and I promised to put a web site together so that they could be shared.

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It has taken too long, but I eventually got around to this site devoted to our old pubs and the customers who remember us.  Starting with the "Crown" at Ashley near Newmarket moving on to "The Marquis of Lorne" in Lowestoft.  Nearly going broke at "The Top House" in Reedham and then to "The Avenue" in Great Yarmouth.

We have lots of fond memories and I have dug out some of the photos that we have and posted them onto the Gallery to get things started.

I have also included a forum that will let you share your memories, I am looking forward to seeing if there is any uptake